I often hear voices. I realize that drops me in the crazy category but I don’t much care. If you believe, as I do, that the mind wants to heal itself, and that the psyche seeks coherence not disintegration, then it isn’t hard to conclude that the mind will manifest whatever is necessary to work on the job.
We now assume that people who hear voices do terrible things; murderers and psychopaths hear voices, and so do religious fanatics and suicide bombers. But in the past, voices were respectable, desired. The visionary and the prophet, the shaman and the wise-woman. And the poet, obviously. Hearing voices can be a good thing.
Going mad is the beginning of a process. It is not supposed to be the end result.

Excerpt from Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal, by Jeanette Winterson (via andrewgibby)

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Winterson is consistently amazing, but it makes me sad she didn’t fold in Socrates, probably the most famous hearer of voices (other than Christ, but there’s a lot of open parentheses there).

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Despite the fact that it says “girls” right in their name, AND the fact that there are three girls on the cover of their record, Clean Girls is actually NOT comprised of three girls. They are one girl and two dudes. (No word on whether or not they are clean.) So if you can get over the fact that they are straight up LIARS, check em out because their EP is pretty dope.